Top 4 benefits of working with an Athletic Therapist

Man lifting weights with an Athletic Therapist

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Athletic Therapists are multifaceted, musculoskeletal experts. We provide professional help with injury prevention, wellness and recovery from pain or injury. Our experience doesn’t end there as we are also knowledgeable in nutrition, physiology, sport and activity requirements. We use this base of experience and expertise to help you obtain your physical goals.

Here are the top four benefits of working with an Athletic Therapist. Perhaps we are the right fit for you and your health needs!

1. Athletic Therapists have unique specialization in the human body.

Athletic Therapists are primarily trained in anatomy and biomechanics (how the body moves). This means if you have knee pain, low back pain or sustained an injury to bone, muscle, or ligaments, AT’s have a thorough understanding of not only the mechanisms of injury but how to properly progress back from pain/injury.

2. Athletic therapy is an active approach to recovery.

Athletic Therapists treat people who are active, which means an active approach to recovery is necessary. You have goals that require your body to move a specific way or perform to a certain level. Athletic Therapists have the knowledge to help you reach your goals using not only manual therapy but exercise. Athletic Therapists take an exercise approach to treatment and to prevent injuries as research has shown it offers many benefits to recovery and prevention.

3. Athletic Therapists offer individual attention to rehab.

No body or injury is the same. That is why Athletic Therapists provide customized treatment and rehab for each patient. We start by taking the time for proper evaluation to guide your treatment plan. We look at the bigger picture whether it be gait analysis, sport requirement considerations or movement pattern recognition, to obtain the information we need to properly identify and treat your injury. Patient well-being is our number one priority.

4. Athletic Therapists adhere to the Sports Medicine Model of Care.

Athletic Therapists follow the ‘Sports Medicine Model of Care’. We focus on prevention, early intervention, accurate diagnosis, researched-based rehab and safe return to activity. At times this may mean working with a team of other health professionals like physicians, surgeons, other therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and team coaches. We call this a team approach to patient care. It is important to have a team approach and support in the Sports Medicine Model of care with the end goal to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Athletic Therapists work in a wide range of settings and treat a variety of injuries, aches and pains. However, we are experts in our field and could be the missing link to heal the pain you are experiencing or injury you have sustained! Find an Athletic Therapist near you:

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