5 Reasons why seniors should try Athletic Therapy

Although you may not think of it this way, daily life truly becomes a sport as we age. Changes in the body may limit our strength, sense of balance and even confidence in moving. I often have seniors question me about how they could possibly benefit from seeing me because they do not identify as

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Lacking confidence in your movement? Here’s where to start.

Are there activities or sports you would love to get back to but are unsure where to begin? Are you worried about a past injury flaring up and/or don’t have the confidence to start a new activity? I have seen this countless times over the years and the best advice I could give is to

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man in slouching position on office chair working

Why all the fuss about posture?

Posture. Most of us hate being nagged about it — sit up, shoulders back, stop slouching, tummy in, straighten up… So why all the fuss??? Posture allows movement for life, health and sport. Posture integrates into every system, muscle and joint in the body. Good posture provides us with joint health, body control, muscle activation,

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The problem with flattening your back

This common command or cue that is given out more than its not. It won’t help your core or your hips! The idea behind it is to ‘protect’ ones back from stress usually while performing some sort of leg movement while laying on your back. Before we move further on this one… stand up and

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Communication is the key to any relationship – including with your body

Our bodies are a system of nerves, muscles and joints that should work together to move you! Each part has a unique role that contributes to the bigger picture of movement as a whole. Understanding joint health Our health depends on movement. Movement is nature’s anti-inflammatory pill. It pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to our

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Man with arthritis

Treatments for the aging arthritic

What happens when the body of our patient is working against them and in turn us? With aging comes many physical challenges, whether it is the body slowly breaking down, or disease that attacks the body causing increased degeneration. Arthritis is one such challenge of aging and can make exercise a daunting task. The two

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